Apartment in Lura Resort in Gjiri i Lalzit, Durres

APARTMENT FOR SALE IN LURA 3 RESORT AT LALZI BAY. Foreign investors from central and Northern Europe as well as Albanian nationals are investing in Lura 3 Resort. Located in a perfect distance from International Airport - only 45 minutes, the resort is a very good chance for property investors who are looking for good ROI and this for sale apartement is a very good offer to start with. Albania Property Group in cooperation with Danish NOVASOL is expanding fast their portfolio with Albania Holiday Rentals and they will provide the property owners with better income year after year.


This apartment is located within Lura 3 Resort and Spa which under management of international specialists of the field , will provide 5 star amenities, service and luxury, making it one of the best resort destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean.So this for sale apartment is a great investing opportunity considering the growing tourism sector in Albania especially at touristic village of Lalzi Bay.Lately, there is a high demand for good quality beachfront apartments within one hour from Airport,and this one is only 45 minutes from Tirana International Airport   Albania Property Group will secure good ROI for investors in this Lura 3 Resort. We have provided rental services to our clientele for the last 3 years. More and more Northern Europeans are approaching Albania to spend their summer holidays here and investing also,which makes the investing on this apartment a very clever choice. 


  • Beach Club & Sports located directly on the beach;
  • Variety of recreational offerings including pools, playgrounds, water activities;
  • Tennis court and basketball fields;
  • Catering for all tastes and requirements;
  • Wide choice of international cuisines;
  • Modern bars and clubs that will be located along the promenade.


  • The medical center 24 hours a day;
  • The resort will be gated with 24/7 security service;
  • Communal satellite service will be linked to all the residences;
  • Internet connection across the whole resort;
  • Wireless hot spots located around the resor;
  • Gardens, communal pools and gazebo areas;
  • Communal sun beds and outdoor leisure seating.


Lura 3 Holiday Resort is already completed for the part of apartments. All the infrasctucture network is completed as well (roads, water, electricity, gardens). .



Durres is the nearest city to Lalzi bay resort. It is located south of the resort and it takes only 25 minutes by car to cover the distance.

Durres is the oldest city in Albania founded in 8th Century BC. It has been one of the most important centers in the whole Adriatic shores for centuries. Now you can visit the amphitheater one of the most significant singes of its mighty in the old times.

Now Durres is the biggest port of Albania and 2nd largest city at same time. It has a population of approx 200,000 people and it is one of most important centers of tourism in Albania.

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