Albania Property in Sarande. Apartments for Sale in Sarande

Buy Albania property in Saranda. One bedroom property for sale in Saranda, south of Albania. Wonderful sea views over Corfu island. Just 30 meters from the edge of the Ionian sea in Saranda.

Features of Albania Property in Sarande:

  • Total size -72 m2
  • Apartment located on 4 floor
  • One bedroom apartment.
  • One living room
  • One bathroom
  • One balcony (front and side view)
  • Ready to move in
  • Great quality apartment
  • Balcony doors and windows made with PVC
  • Shutters on the windows
  • Only 5 minutes walk from the city center.
  • The residence is with 7 floors.
  • One lift in the residence.

Why choose real estate services with Albania Property Group?

  • Albania Property Group is the most experienced Albania real estate focused with foreign investors willing to get into Albania.
  • Like every investment in general, even investing in Albania real estate market is associated with risk. Albania Property Group has developed simple and effective measures in favor of the clients that result in de-risking the investment in Albania real estate.
    • Always consider properties in the front line, or as close as possible to the front line. Only this way you can secure that the investment in Albanian coastline will maintain its value and increase during the years.  
    • Properties with good location near the sea and sea view are the best ones for rental purposes. This is crucial in case you want to make high rental income from your investment, or if you have to resell your Albania real estate in the future.
    • Do not be tempted to buy cheap properties. You need to look for best value for money, best quality for the price. Always think twice when very cheap properties are present to you. 
  • Albania real estate market is getting more attractive with Albania getting closer to EU. Albania Property Group has been present from the beginning of its promotion into foreign markets, and has accumulated invaluable experience during these years in business.  

The main real estate services provided by our company:

  • Quick and professional communication from the  very first contact with the clients.
  • Keeping them up to date with most recent developments in Albania real estate market.
  • Assisting the clients with pre-screening of the Albania real estate based on their requirements. And creating a short list of the properties to be visited during Albania Property Tour.
    • Organize pick up in Tirana Airport and make the first introduction in our main office in capital Tirana.
    • Make necessary modifications and continue with the property tour and visiting the properties as planned.
    • Coordinate the visits on the ground and meetings with individual sellers or developers of Albania real estate. Human touch is very important at this stage.
    • Providing legal consultations from in-house lawyers of our company, or coordinate appointment with apartner law firm free of charge (only during the course of the visit).
    • Assist the clients to open bank accounts in local bank. Having an Albanian bank account is not mandatory at this stage, but it is very helpful in the future with property management (order to collect the money made from rentals and pay the invoices of utility companies).
    • Offer to the clients to represent them in front of Public Notary when it will be needed to sign contracts if real estate in Albania on their behalf.
  • Coordinate between the clients and Public Notary office when client has made the decision about what they will purchase, and it is time to work on the terms of the undertaking contract or purchase-sale contract of Albania real estate.
  • Direct involvement with price negotiations on behalf of the clients. Coming from different cultural backgrounds it can make it difficult to negotiate directly with sellers. 
  • Follow up with progress reports and photographs on monthly bases, when the residence is during construction. 
  • Providing After-Sale Services to the new owners of Albania real estate:
    • Tailor made furniture package for the property. The process is managed by our experienced interior designer.
    • Property management - provided through our team on the ground. Paying the bills, cleaning apartments, checking the plumbing and electrical installations, as well as appliances.
    • Rental management -  a value added services for all owners of real estate in Albania that want to get a good ROI from their Albania real estate. 

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