Albania Real Estate. Saranda Property for Sale

A really great TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT for SALE in SARANDA. This apartment is located in a completed residence few hundred meters from the town center. This apartment has one big living room and two bathrooms.

Features of Albania Estate in Saranda:

  • Total size -110m2
  • Two bedroom apartment
  • One living room
  • Two bathrooms
  • Two balconies (front and side view)
  • Balcony doors and windows made with PVC
  • Kitchen included in the price 
  • Two unit AC included in the price 
  • Only 5 minutes walk from the city center
  • The residence is with 7 floors
  • Apartment located on 5 floor
  • 1 lift in the residence
  • The apartment comes with title deeds
  • Very good option for rental income
  • Expected Yields from rentals approx 5% pa

Property Management of Albania Estate with Albania Property Group:

Managing properly your property is a very important process while you own an Albania estate. The management of your property must be looked with high consideration due to normal life time of plumbing works, electrical equipment and materials, furniture etc.

Our company has created a full program of property management for foreign owners of Albania estate. This service is essential especially for those ones who want to rent out their Albania estate while they are away. It consists of:

  • One complete cleaning per month of their Albania estate.  
  • Paying the utility bills and yearly taxes. 
  • During cleaning make a detailed inspection of the appliances and all electrical equipment in the apartment.
  • Examine the furniture and furnishings for wear and tear. Same is carried out during getting the keys from the tenants when Albania estate is rented out.
  • Checking of all sanitary equipment and pluming. 
  • Prepare report on regular bases for the owners of Albania estate to keep up to date with the situation in their property 

Having a very good presence with our people in the regions of Durres, Vlora, Albania Riviera and Saranda, Albania Property Group provides such service to all owners of Albania estate in the coastal areas.

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