Lura 5 Apartment for Sale in Lalzit Bay Albania

Apartment in Lura 5 Resort for Sale. It is located in the touristic village of Lalzit Bay. Surrounded by the tall pines trees and close to the sandy beach of the Adriatic sea. Only 45 minutes from Tirana International Airport and the capital city. The newest attraction for the european tourist and investors. 


Apartment for Sale in Lalzit Bay Durres

  • Total size         - 196.00 m2
  • Net apt. size    - 104.16 m2
  • Index size        -  16.16 m2
  • Veranda          -   55.22 m2
  • Common area -   20.46 m2
  • Located on the first floor
  • Building with 1 - 4 floors
  • Upper floors accessible by elevator
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Parking space 

Lura 5 Resort is located in the Adriatic Coast of Albania, in the touristic village of Gjiri i Lalzit. The main purpose of this project is to keep and conserve the vibrant and virgin nature as much as possible while proposing an outstanding and alluring new tourist development.  The conserved pine trees set a natural and tranquil atmosphere as they act like green umbrellas engaged in a dialogue with buildings.

The residential part of the project consists of two different typologies; the townhouses with heights varying from 1-4 floors that are made up of different housing units and the detached villas with big private gardens. The town-house units range from 20 - 50 m in length and are fragmented & rotated according to the locations of the existing trees and roads. They also scale down as they go up, which allows for all the units to have big private outdoor terraces.

The fragmented design language which was also a part of the general approach was enriched with the use of a natural and textured material palette. Natural stone, timber, earthy shades of textured plaster and exposed concrete are the main materials of this palette with their various colors and texture.

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