Apartment for Rent in the Center of Tirana

Apartment for Rent located in the center of Tirana, in a commercial and residential building with high quality construction and good administration services.

Features of the Apartment for Rent in Tirana 

  • Size of the apartment - 180 sqm 
  • 207 sqm terrace with a beautiful view of Tirana
  • It has four areas that can be used as bedrooms or arranged differently 
  • Can serve as an office too 
  • Located in the 14th floor 
  • The building has 14 floors in total 
  • Two lifts 
  • One parking space available 
  • The building guarantees high security standards
  • It is equipped with: 
    • the emergency staircase
    • alarm system in case of fire
    • the equipments to protect against fire
    • guards services
    • camera surveillance
    • center heating and cooling system
    • power-up generator


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