Albania Estate for Sale in Vlora. Apartments in Albania

Albania Estate for sale Exclusively with Albania Property Group. It is located between the most important main street of Vlora, heading for the future tourism and the traditional beach of the city. The high standards are now coming to the seaside of the Old Beach in Vlora.

Only 500 meters from the “Skele” center, along the Old Beach, is located Vlora Alba Residence, for those who want to spend their vacations, as well as for everyone who wants to make this place into their everyday home.

Urban quality, low number of floors, green spaces, ample and flexible apartments... all of these are laid out along the traditional beach of Vlora of modern times.

Key Features of Albania Estate in Vlore:

  • 3 blocks of apartments built
  • 5 residential floors & 1 commercial floor.
  • Apartment size starting from 66/m2
  • Completed Projects.
  • Low density of construction only 35%
  • All apartments with sea view
  • Service areas in ground floor
  • 25% under market value
  • 20% expected growth rate
  • Port of yachts is going to be organized in the port nearby.
  • This investment has the potential to give a very highest possible ROI in Vlora area.
  • Only 400 m way from this residence there will be a yachts’ port
  • A new road is being constructed on the back of the complex.
  • Option to buy discounted multiple units or floors
  • Yields for this area are expected to be around 10% in summer
  • Apartments from only €600 Euro/m2, or from € 40,000

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