Visola and Felix - Austria ★★★★★

Dank der Albania Property Group haben meine Frau und ich innerhalb einer Woche unsere Traumimmobilie für unsere Familie gefunden im Lalzit Bay Urlaubsgebiet. Die seriöse und umfassende Betreuung hat uns von Anfang an ein Gefühl der Sicherheit gegeben, um eine solch große Investition zu tätigen. Der Geschäftsführer Ilir Konomi und sein Team waren immer stehts bemüht auf alle Wünsche und Fragen einzugehen. Der unkomplizierte Ablauf von der Besichtigung bis hin zur Kaufabwicklung, sowie der weiteren Betreuung hat unsere Erwartungen übertroffen. Eine Zusammenarbeit mit Albania Property Group können wir mit Gewissheit weiterempfehlen und freuen uns auf ein zukünftiges Projekt. Wir bedanken uns herzlich für die Unterstützung! Visola und Felix aus Wien

Bekim Shabani - UK and Kosovo ★★★★★

Buying a home, no matter where, is always a stressful process. Residing in London, UK, I’ve been lucky enough to only have to go through the process twice – at least so far... Buying a holiday home, pretty much the very same concerns and stress associated with it; have I made the right choice? Is it the right location? Will everyone in the family be happy with the choice? What work will it need doing? How much is it going to cost? And... bathroom, kitchen, flooring, furniture... All the usual things that anyone that has purchased a property, will be fully aware of. Buying in Albania – those concerns were even greater: I simply didn’t know anyone local or have a family member that would be able to assist! Dealing with all the same issues of buying a home but over 2000km away... and not fully conversant with locals laws... or building regulations... not even knowing a convenient place to buy furniture (no, no Ikea in Albania)... The answer to all of those concerns was Albania Property Group! Something that I learnt later as, of course, I had lots of concerns initially. Few telephone calls and email exchanges with Ilir were enough to convince me to go and view a few properties that were recommended. From the very first meeting with Ilir, I felt at ease and developed the trust and belief that I was dealing with a professional and trusting individual, that had installed the same ethos in the organization that he runs. On my first visit - collection from airport was organized, hotel and timetable for viewing selected properties. Being driven around to various locations, providing information for each – and not just information about the property but also the geographical location, what’s in the area, current and future developments and potential, how family friendly each one is, meetings with the actual property owners, comparisons with previous sales/purchases... All the kind of information that was very useful; some that I had wanted to ask about and other information that, prior, I didn’t even think of. It took another visit before deciding on the actual property and, again, collection from airport and hotel was organized without hesitation. Ilir assisted greatly with price negotiations and the legal process was explained patiently and in detail. So, the easy part was done – price agreed and purchase completed, all with the continual support and assistance from Ilir. I was flying out two days after and there was a lot of work that needed doing as it was a newly built apartment. The day after the purchase, Ilir accompanied me to the builders depo, where we selected tiles for the bathrooms, kitchen and flooring for the apartment. The next day, I was flying out in the afternoon and Ilir had organized for their interior designer to meet me at the hotel, in the morning, to discuss kitchen plans and furniture. Of course, exchanged ideas but decision could not be made there and then. This continued over email and telephone calls for a few weeks after I returned to UK, but, mainly because we were being indecisive and kept changing our minds around the design. Albania Property Group liaised with the builders, plumbers, decorators, furniture makers... and kept us constantly updated, sending us photos and videos as work was being completed. What I also find quite appealing, is the way Ilir operates in terms of pricing for various work: it’s an “open book policy”! You know exactly what you’re paying, the actual cost, and gives you options and comparisons (and I did the comparing a number of times, myself, through other means). I must apologize to Ilir for this late review as the apartment was made ready for us for the summer holiday, as agreed (July 22nd 2019) . We spent 5 wonderful weeks by the seaside and our children absolutely loved it. The apartment was better than expected – everything was in place and ready for us. Oh, I must add that Ilir even organized the TV for us, the internet, kettle, toaster, pillows and pillow cases... the list is long... I’ve been in touch with Ilir a few times since, as I’ve wanted to make some changes in the apartment. Ilir, or one of his staff members, responds promptly and assists as always. In summary, an absolutely brilliant service; Friendly, Trusting and Professional! A big thank you from the family to Ilir personally but also to all the staff at Albania Property Group, as they’ve been helpful throughout. I have already recommended the service to a number of people...

Wadim and Dorota - Russia and Poland ★★★★★

Наше сотрудничество с Albania Property Group (Генеральный Директор г-н Илир Кономи) началось около полтора года назад, когда мы решили приобрести еще один дом в Албании. Господин Илир Кономи оперативно и профессионально подошел к нашей просьбе и в течении 4 дней мы стали владельцами виллы в комплексе La Perla resort (Lalzy bay, Gjiri i Lalzit). После оформления всех необходимых документов агентство Albania Property Group также помогало нам в решении всех вопросов, связанных с данной недвижимостью (включая организацию ремонтной бригады и полную меблировку объекта). В результате такой дополнительной помощи со стороны APG (и лично г-на Илир Кономи) нам удалось запустить виллу в эксплуатацию в рекордно короткие сроки. С помощью агентства APG нам сразу же, после закончения отделки и меблировки, удалось сдать в аренду нашу виллу, практически на весь сезон. Причем полное обслуживание (включая «консьерж-сервис», уборку виллы, текущее обслуживание, обеспечение интернетом и тп) взяло на себя APG. С нашей стороны можем уверенно рекомендовать агентство APG как высокопрофессионального и эффективного риэлтора, так и солидного оператора ваших недвижимости в Албании. Планируем развивать наше сотрудничество с APG как с риеэлтором, под углом приобретения следующих недвижимостей в Албании, так и как с солидным администратором недвижимостей. Вадим. Российская Федерация. ....................................................... Nasza przygoda z Albanią zaczęła się parę lat temu, kiedy nabyliśmy letni dom w okolicach Djermi. W czerwcu 2018 skontaktowaliśmy z biurem Albania Property Group w Tiranie celem znalezienia jeszcze jednego domu – w ciągu tygodnia p. Ilir Konomi znalazł nam dokładnie taki dom, jaki chcieliśmy (w okolice Gjiry&Lalzit). Przy czym zapewnił pełna fachową asystę zarówno przy sprawach formalnych, tak i przy zorganizowaniu prac wykończeniowych. Od tego czasu nasza współpraca z APG rozszerzyła się o administrowanie nieruchomością – agencja APG kompleksowo zarządza naszym obiektem. Jesteśmy w 100% zadowoleni z tej współpracy. Jeżeli planujecie Państwo nabyć lub wynająć nieruchomość w Albanii – agencja Albania Property Group będzie waszym solidnym partnerem. Dorota. Polska

Bettina and Lutz - Germany ★★★★★

Als wir am 19.Mai.2019 in Albanien Urlaub machten, haben wir uns in dieses schöne und gastfreundliche Land verliebt und beschlossen, öfter dort zu sein. Albania Property Group und Ilir Konomi haben uns geeignete Albanien Immobilien vorgeschlagen und es hat genauso funktioniert. Wir haben Ilir von Anfang an vertraut und ein Apartment mit zwei Schlafzimmern in der ersten Strandreihe gekauft. Es ist wunderbar. Sie haben sich um alles gekümmert, Notar, Strom, Wasser, Installation und Einrichtung. Als wir wieder in Berliin waren, haben Sie uns mit Fotos und Informationen auf dem Laufenden gehalten. Jetzt ist alles fertig und wir fühlen uns dort sehr wohl. Alles ist perfekt, also nochmals vielen Dank. Bettina und Lutz aus Berlin

Annelie Naslund - Sweden ★★★★★

Vi kontaktade Alabania Property Group för att ta reda på om vi kunde komma ner och titta på deras lägenheter som de hade på deras hemsida. Hade hört mycket bra om den mäklarfirman så det kändes naturligt att kontakta just dem. Vi blev möta vid hamnen av Arta och Eri från firmans lokala kontor. De skjutsade oss till våran lägenhet som vi hyrt genom dem och efter en snabb dusch så gav vi oss av och tittade på lägenheter i 2 dagar. De visade oss en hel del fina lägenheter både möblerade och omöblerade. Vi föll för en omöblerad. Ingen stress och kunniga mäklare. Själva köpeprocessen gick väldigt smidigt och inget att vara rädd för fungerade hur smidig som helst med hjälpen från lokala kontoret hela tiden. Efter vi kom hem till Sverige igen så drog själva byggandet av möbler och kök och badrum etc och vi hade bestämt att de skulle fixa allting. De hade arkitekter, el installatörer, snickare med mera och allting och vi kände oss trygga och fick hela tiden information om hur progressen fortlöpte. Vi är väldigt nöjda med resultatet och rekommenderar verkligen Albania Property Group om ni funderar på att köpa i Albanien.

Daniela Konefke - Germany ★★★★★

Ich habe vor einem Jahr eine Ferien-Wohnung in Saranda gekauft und Ilir und sein Team haben meine Erwartungen weit übertroffen. Ich hatte der Albania Property Group schon im Vorfeld mitgeteilt, wonach ich suchte und wurde bei meinem ersten Besuch in Saranda von der Fähre abgeholt. Sofort ging es mit der Besichtigung zahlreicher Objekte los. Ich fand schnell eine passende Wohnung. Am nächsten Tag ging es gemeinsam zum Notar, um der in Saranda zuständigen Kollegin Arta die Vollmacht zu erteilen, alle Rechtsgeschäfte in meinem Namen auszuführen und meiner Heimreise stand nichts mehr im Weg. In den folgenden Wochen kümmerten Arta und Ilir sich um die notwendigen Behördengänge sowie um die Möblierung der Wohnung und schickten mir regelmäßig Fotos. Ich war dieses Jahr selbst in Saranda und bin mit dem Ergebnis mehr als zufrieden. Kommunikation mit Arta und Ilir und auch die vergangene Saison verliefen super.

Vincent Amoursky - France ★★★★★

Ilir and his team in Saranda has proven to be the perfect agents for our realty purchase in Saranda. Professional services were provided from the earliest stage and we found the perfect match on our very first visit. The deal was closely assisted by Arta who made the whole process easy and painless, from the notary services to the property registration procedure. We were assisted by a designer who managed to diligently draw the furniture we wished for. All the following up (rental etc.) was done (and is still done!) by this highly professional team who managed to deliver proper services at the right price. We can only warmly recommend Albania Property Group. Best regards, Vincent

Jari, Helsinki - Finland ★★★★★

Minulla oli ollut jo pitkään unelma, asunto Välimeren rannalta. Sittemmin aloin miettiä asiaa hieman tarkemmin, tein hieman selvitystöitä ja mitä enemmän asiaa selvitin, sen enemmän Albania alkoi kiinnostaa. Aloitin hakemalla internetin kautta Albaniassa myynnissä olevia asuntoja, tällöin törmäsin APG:n kotisivuihin. APG:llä oli hyvin tehdyt englanninkieliset kotisivut referensseineen, sekä laaja valikoima myynnissä ja/tai vuokrauksessa olevia asuntoja sekä kiinteistöjä. Sitten päätinkin rohkeasti lähettää e-mail:in TJ Ilir Konomi:lle, vastaus tuli todella nopeasti ja pääsimme meilitse ”hyvin juttuun”. Seuraavaksi muodostin budjetin joka mukanaantoi asunnon tyypin ja suuruuden, sitten valitsin APG:n sivuilta 15 sopivaa ”kandidaattia” jotka haluaisin paikanpäällä nähdä. Menin paikanpäälle Sarande:en heinäkuussa 2018, Ilir ja Saranden toimiston vetäjä Arta Shahu olivat sovitusti paikalla ja sitten kiersimmekin listani kohteet ja tein valintani. Tämänjälkeen APG hoiti kaiken asunnon kauppaan liittyvän muodollisen paperityön sekä byrokratian täysin ammattimaisesti ilman mitään pienintäkään ongelmaa. Sitten lähdin takaisin kotisuomeen. Tässä vaiheessa olin sopinut että APG hoitaa asunnon loppuviimeistelyn / sisustamisen sekä kalustamisen tarvikkeineen, kodinkoneineen kaikkineen ”avaimet käteen” tyyliin. Sitten tulin syyskuussa 2018 paikanpäälle Sarandeen toteamaan kaiken olevan hoidettu 10+ ”nappiin”. En päättänyt yhteistyötämme tähän, vaan otin myös APG:n tarjoaman asunnon ”management” palvelun sekä asunnon vuokrauspalvelun. Voin täydestä sydämestäni suositella APG:tä ja sen henkilökuntaa mikäli harkitsette asunnon ostamista, viimeistelyä, kalustamista sekä ylläpito- ja vuokrauspalveluita Albaniasta. ..................................................................... I had had a long time dream to achieve an apartment in Mediterranean. Then I started to think about it more seriously, made some “background” checking, more I got info, more I got interested about Albania. First I started to wonder through internet-pages about apartments for sale in Albania, then I found APG’s web-pages. They were well done and also in English, with good references and large portfolios about different types of houses and apartments for sale and/or rent in Albania. Then I gathered courage and e-mailed into Mr. Ilir Konomi, director of the company, he responded very quickly and I “get_a_long” well with him about the issue. Then I made a budget which summoned the size and type of the apartment to be acquired and I chose 15 suitable “candidates” to be explored there. I popped into Sarande July 2018 and APG:s Ilir Konomi plus Sarande offices Arta Shahu were there waiting as agreed, we went threw my list and I made my choice. After that APG “took care the business” i.e. dealt all the formal paperwork & bureaucracy concerning acquiring the apartment with very professional way without a single problem. Then I went back home. In this part of the process I have made a deal with APG that they will take care of completing the apartment´s construction work, mainly detailing, HEPAC-issues, kitchen etc, and with furniture, appliances, everything like “turn key” style. Then I came back Sarande at September 2018 to see that everything was perfectly ready and done, linen & towels at place, “bulls’ eye” . I did not ended our cooperation here, but I also took APG’s management service and rental service concerning my apartment. Straight from my heart I can recommend APG and its professional & warmhearted staff if You are thinking about acquire an apartment or real estate, need professional help for maintenance / management and renting services in Albania.

Piotr - Poland ★★★★★

Moja przygoda z Albanią rozpoczęła się we wrześniu 2017 r. Wraz z kolegami wyruszyliśmy do Sarandy w poszukiwaniu apartamentów do zakupu. Na miejscu poznaliśmy agentów Albania Property Group - Artę i Eriego. Po kilkudniowym przeglądzie oferty sprzedaży nieruchomości zdecydowaliśmy się na zakup nowych, będących w trakcie budowy, apartamentów od dewelopera. Arta zorganizowała obsługę notarialną i tłumacza przysięgłego (albańsko - angielskiego). Transakcja zakupu przebiegła sprawnie. W wakacje 2018 r. pierwszy raz zamieszkaliśmy w naszych apartamentach. Ilir wraz Artą i Erim zadbali o wykończenie i wposażenie apartamentów (zgodnie z ustaleniami i projektem). Rok 2019 będzie pierwszym, w którym bedziemy wynajmowali nasze apartamenty. Oczywiście obsługa najmu dokonywana będzie przez Albania Property Group, a oferta najmu znajduje się na stronie APG. Polecam współpracę z APG. Piotr

Iiro and Teija - Finland ★★★★★

As so many others, we were also looking for a place in the south of Europe to enjoy the sun, new views and we wouldn´t mind at all if the beach would be within a walking distance. Just by chance, we saw an advertisement about an apartment in Albania and so the googling started to see more. The country was not totally unknown to us; we had been visiting there before. Automatically we ended up to Albaniapropertygroup -pages, where there was a good selection of properties. However, looking at the pictures is not the same story as to see it yourself, so we decided to contact Ilir Konomi and to arrange a trip to Albania. We agreed roughly the week program and after a few weeks, we met Ilir. We were surprised how much time he spent and how much effort he put to show us different options. Every now and then we got a good introduction to the history, the every day life, and even the music of the country :) . We felt like being friends together, which of course helped to find the right apartment for us. All that tells about a great professionalism. In addition, Ilir arranged the final buying process at the notary and all went smoothly. Therefore, what else to say than Albania Property Group is highly recommended if you are looking for buying or renting apartments in Albania. If you know what you want, - Ilir knows the rest.