Old Albania Estate. House for Sale in Qeparo Village

This Albania estate is a typical old house in the village of Qeparo, Albanian Riviera. House comes with a garden surrounded by stone walls, and is located in a good position inside the old village of Qeparo.

Old House Qeparo Village:

Qeparo is one of the wild beauties of the southern coast located in the heart of Albanian Riviera. Old village is organized on top of a hill and it gives the impression of a castle.

  • House is located in the center of the village.
  • It offers panoramic views over the village and the sea.
  • The current status - ruins.
  • House surface - 126 m2.
  • Garden surface - 100m2.
  • Built in two floors.
  • Parcel of the land is in total 200 m2.
  • The property is surrounded by a stone wall.
  • Close to the church of the village.
  • Main door leads to the yard which surrounds the house.
  • Western wall of the house faces the street.
  • Sea view from the house. 

Price - 50 000 Euro

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