Buying Services

  • Before property selection
    • provide assistance with screening the properties in accordance with the customer ideas recommendations.
  • Provide advice
    • transfer of experiences and ideas on things to pay attention to, including travel advice as well.
  • Market Overview
    • help in choosing the property, as requested.
    • create a List property.
    • the settlement, introduction of the real estate environment
    • answering customer inquiries
    • conduct negotiations with the owner.
  • Assistance with transportation from Tirana International Airport.
  • Accommodation assistance.
    • The dates should be clarified and whether there are any special needs.
    • Certainly, the accommodation can be booked independently through internet portals.
  • Property Tour.
    • we offer the property tour through the list of properties in the interest of the client.
    • we will work on organizing the whole tour
    • make appointments with owners
    • assisting during the negotiations of price with owners.
  • On-site property assistance.
    • Provide advice based on the accumulated experience and ideas on which things to pay attention.
  • Legal advice through local lawyers office free of charge [only during the course of the visit].
  • Organize communication with lawyer office, and set appointments when necessary.
  • Assist the client to organize the bank account in local bank and provide financial assistance.
  • Coordinate with Public Notary office
    • set appointment in order to prepare the needed paperwork when client will leave the country.
  • Offer to the client to represent him/her in front of Public Notary when it will be needed to sign any contracts on his/her behalf
  • Follow up with progress report and photographs on periodic bases, when the residence is during construction.
  • Follow up with any questions by the clients in the future via emails or telephone calls.
  • Coordinate between the client and developer during the period of discussing the selling contract. 
  • Provide oral or written translation into English, Italian, French, Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Provide assistance with making the contracts with utility companies [change the contracts from developer under the name of the client].
  • After-sales services through the discussion of Albania Property Group, such as: 
    • property maintenance
    • interior design package
    • property management 
    • rental management

Our team will support you fully in any aspects A to Z. You will witness that our people, will do all possible in order to serve you to be successful in the realization of your dreams.
We are confident that our staff will be related to positive experiences, kind, friendly, and helpful.

A Reservation/Agency fee of 2% of Property Value (minumum 1600 Euro) is applied for the services described above.


Property Management

 Albania Property Group agrees to look after the property, to maintain, to repair the property and to hire and to supervise all employees and other needed labor. All the Services below will be offered through our sister company Albanian Property Management.

Maintenance and Services offered are:

  • 1 cleaning per month
    • This will cover a complete cleaning of the apartments. 
  • Paying utility bills and yearly taxes 
    • Collect bills and hold in our Tirana, Saranda, or Vlora office
    • Pay bills on your behalf if requested
  • Check of all contents against the inventory 
    • We will make sure everything is up to par and well taken care of if there is renters in your residence
  • Visual inspection of the interior, and check for any obvious defects
    • Provide visits to your property to check everything is in order, with extra checks during inclement weather
    • Ensure that your property's doors, windows, shutters are secure
    • Your property will be aired, any indoor plants watered, and checks for leaks or infestation
  • Test of all appliances and electrical equipment
    • Make sure all appliances are working well and up to par 
  • Examination of all furniture and furnishings for wear and tear
    • Customer will provide a full inventory list prior to Albanian Property Management taking over. We will make sure to go through the list and inspect all the furniture in the residence. If the apartment is rented out then we will send a complete monthly report which includes the furniture update and their maintenance.
  • Check of all sanitary equipment and plumbing 
  • Test of security services and equipment 
  • Preparation and sending of monthly report
    • Maintain a record of property visits. There records will be held in our office for you inspection at any time
    • Inform you by email if there is any problem or maintenance required
    • Contact you by email/telephone if there is any urgent issue to be dealt with
    • In the event of any issue, deliver to you by email a report on the problem with suggested resolution.

Fee of 50 Euro/Month for all the above services


Furniture Packages

We now offer a furnishing service to property owners and developers, using  local Albanian furniture companies. We can provide individual items of furniture, to complete apartments.

Through a direct communication with our Rental Managers we can proceed as below:

  • Discuss your furnishing requirements with you in person, or by email / telephone
  • Visit your property if required, to measure for furnishing and recommend suitable products
  • Take care of all ordering, delivery to property, assembly of products, disposal of packaging, and cleaning of products and apartment so that it is ready for your arrival
  • Provide a list of typical household goods on request, and price of sample packages
  • Our furnishing service gives you a choice of few types of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens bathroom and balcony items depending on the quality of furnishing required...
  • It is possible to tailor your package according to your own particular requirements and price range. Final offer is based on your apartment layout.

Our fee is 15% of the total cost of the furnishing package and it includes apartment specification list, arrangements with contractors, purchasing, organization of the delivery, installment, supervision of the work done and major cleaning afterward. Please note that offer is based on the total furnishing package.


Property Rental

Albania Property Group and has been offering apartments, villas, offices and commercial buildings for rent in Albania since 2007. You can find in our website long term rentals in capital city Tirana, as well as holiday rentals in the coastal areas of Durres, Saranda, Vlora, Himara, Dhermi, Ksamil, etc.

  • We have a vast experience in the rental service industry.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Efficient and helpful Customer Support within 24 hours.
  • Favorable discount program for loyal customers.
  • We also offer a wealth of services to make your stay in Albania most comfortable.

We are here to advise you about the letting market, applicable laws and taxes and inform you how to best maximize the rental return of your property in Albania. We will take responsibility for ensuring that your property is rented in accordance with all local and state laws of Albania. We study access and rental opportunities to best meet your needs before we inform you of what will the best and realistic rental return option for your property.

Once you have committed to our rental management plan, we then take photos of your property and upload them on our rental web site as well as the other sister sites with whom we cooperate. In addition we advertise your property in different directories, search engines, and portals.

We will cover all aspects of supervising the rental agreement.

Fees, terms and conditions for renting of a property:

  • Renting period: Up to 3 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 10% of total rent to be received
    • Commission from the client: 10% of total rent to be paid
  • Renting period:  4 Months - 6 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 35% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 35% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  7 Months - 12 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 100% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 50% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  13 Months - 24 Months
    • Commission from the owner: 100% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 50% of one month rent
  • Renting period:  2 Years - 5 Years
    • Commission from the owner: 200% of one month rent
    • Commission from the client: 50% of one month rent

Terms and conditions for holiday rentals:

  • For bookings up to 1 month before arrival
    • Prepayment of 30% of the total amount
    • 70% to be paid not later than 4 weeks from arrival
    • Prepayment is not reimbursable in case of cancellation
    • If we resale the dates cancelled, we will reimburse the amount received from the new client.
  • For bookings within 4 weeks
    • 100% to be paid at the moment of reservation
    • In case of cancellation we will apply a penalty of 50% of the total
    • If we resale the dates cancelled, we will reimburse the amount received from the new client.