House for sale in Berat

Old house for sale in Gorica quarter ancient city of Berat. The house is one of the houses built in 13th century.

Features of the House for Sale:

  • Apartment size 57m2
  • Living room
  • One bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Orientation east

About Berat City

Berat has been founded approx 6 BC. It was an important castle which has played a role in the development of Illyria. Ancient Berat belonged to the Illyrian tribe of Desarets.

There is still a debate whether its antiquity name was Antipatrea or Partha. There is no clear evidence yet with respect to its old name.

In Middle Age after the fall of Bizant empire Berat became center of Muzaca family, which supported Albanian national hero Scanderbeg in his fight against Turkish Ottomans. Fact is that Ottomans invaded the castle in year 1944 and Scanderbeg could never take it back from them.

Old city was organized mostly around the castle and inside it. It has been one of the few inhabited castes in Albanian territories. It contains many old Byzantine churches which are well preserved. Berat is famous for Onufri Museum where there are original paintings from 17th Century painter Onufri who dedicated most of his life to decorating Orthodox churches in the region.

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