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  • 06 December 2014It was very important to us to find a reliable, fair team, who are aware of the local rules and the foreigner needs indeed. Today we are cheerful for choosing Albania Property Group, because from the first email exchange through the property tour until contracting and the procedures beyond, we found helpful, friendly attitude from the employees of the company. Special thanks to Ilir Konomi and Dori Sotiri for their professional suggestions and sympathetic human attitude, we proudly call them our friends now. Also after the purchase of the apartment, you can freely ask them for further help, they help you in every way. It is good to feel, that you have local people to trust there. We gladly propose the company with warm heart to visitors and the ones who would like to purchase, we are absolutely sure that they will not be disappointed.Charles and his family - Hungary
  • 05 December 2014I was in Albania in 2011 for the first time and have visited the important places from Tirana to Saranda. This summer I returned and toured from Durres to Saranda to find the right Albania real estate. With the help of good luck and Albania Property Group the best apartment (that I finally bought) was in Saranda: just on the beach, with 180 degrees unobstructed sea view and of super quality. Thanks to the staff of Albania Propert Group for the assistance and the nice company in the visited cities. Special thanks to Ilir for organizing and managing everything perfectly. Last but not least, I am grateful to Dori for his devotion and help with furbishing my flat and make it ready for joyful times.Sandor Harangozo - Hungary
  • 18 August 2014We want to thank you Ilir, Eno and Ila for helping us to get out of the mess we where before we met you. Albania Property Group team is best you can get if you want to buy property in Albania. They will handle all the things you need and much more. We have a lovely place in Vlora and we love it. Nature, food and the people are just great in Albania. We are so grateful to all of you in Albania Property Group.Sari Maenpaa - Finland
  • 11 July 2014Although I didn't buy anything in Albania at this time, due to personal/family considerations, I want to say that my dealings with Ilir Konomi since 2009 have been nothing but positive. He has been exceedingly helpful, patient and understanding through out this period and I consider him a friend at this point. If, in the future, I do decide to buy a property Ilir and Albania Property is who I would go to. I have been to Albania four times and can't recommend both the country and Albania Property Group enough. Jeffrey Cannella - United States
  • 24 May 2014Очень грамотная и честная команда. Покупал недвижимость в Албании, студию через интернет . Прислали все фото, ответили по скайпу на все вопросы .Выслал бронирование через банк. Через недели две поехал оформлять куплю -продажу полностью. Всё оказалось ,как на фото и в описаниях. В квартире долго никто не был и при осмотре оказалась плесень в шкафах от залива с верхнего этажа. Увидев это менеджеры Albania Property Group извинились и сразу предложили сделать ремонт повреждённых поверхностей за свой счёт. Оформив куплю -продажу Albania Property Group взяла на себя государственную регистрацию с обязательством выслать сертификат собственности мне через DHL. Надо сказать ,что весь процесс осмотра студии и купли- продажи прошёл за три дня. Очень хорошо работает и вызывает доверие команда этого агентство. Особенная благодарность менеджеру Алкету, Эно и руководителю Илиру.Andrey Tikhonov - Russia
  • 27 April 2014We made our first visit to Albania last October, after some friends telling us about this beautiful country with its very friendly people. They also recommended Albania Property Group, in case we would consider to buy property in Albania. Everything we were told was true, it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. From the moment we landed in Tirana we felt safe and good taken care of. Ilir and Ila helped us with everything: booking of hotels, car rental, maps and so on. We drove down to Vlora and met Eno who spent a lot of time with us and gave us all the help and information we could wish for. In Saranda we were met by Dori, also very friendly and service minded. After some serious thinking we finally came to a conclusion. In July we move into our new apartment in Saranda. Ilir has been following us through the entire process in a wonderful way. We also want to thank Oltjan, our lawyer in Tirana, and Ila for her patience and good advice with furnishing, appliances, choosing colors, etc. We are so grateful to all of them and can’t wait to see you and Albania again this summer! Laila and Sigmund Ommedal - NorwayLaila and Sigmund Ommedal - Norway

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