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  • 02 April 2014Our experience about cooperating with Albania Property Group and buying property from Albania is very good. Albania Property Group's " full service" from seeking a suitable apartment, legal service and help with furnishing is excellent for people who live outside Albania. Our recommendation is to use Albania Property Group if you are planning to invest in Albania real estate. Jukka Tuomi - Finland
  • 28 March 2014We have bought an apartment in Vlora, the town on the seaside and we are extremely grateful to Ilir, Henri and Oltjan for everything running well. Managing Director Ilir Konomi is skilled and trained leader who has created the method of sales which are guiding to maximum customer satisfaction and his selling team is supporting this goal. Services are including great care of buyer from the terminal in Tirana airport to the point he or she is leaving this country of the friendly people. Getting to know the wishes of the customer they are doing excellent work for finding a just right property, legal advice and making a contract. I can honestly recommend to use Albania Property Group’s services in any property purchase in Albania. Finnish customers please contact me if you like know more.Hannu Joensuu - Finland
  • 28 March 2014Ostimme heinäkussa 2012 huoneiston Azzurra nimisestä talosta Sarandan rannalta. Dori Sotiri Albanian Property Groupilta oli meille suuri apu. Hän opasti meitä asunnun ostossa huomioiden tarpeemme ja oli rehellinen kertoessaan riskeistä, jotka johinkin myynnissä oleviin kohteisiin mahdollisesti liittyivät. Löysimme siis mieluisan asunnon ja nyt jälkeenpäin olemme hyvin tyytyväisiä valintaamme. Dori on auliisti opastamut meitä erilaisissa hankinnoissa ja ollut muutenkin aina käytettävissä kun olemme apua tarvinneet. En osaa kuvitella kuinka olisimme kaikesta selvinneet ilman Dorin apua. Kiitokset Dori! Raimo Luukkonen - Finland
  • 19 December 2013It began with us seeing some nice pictures from Albania on a Swedish website. There was a link to Albania Property Group and that's how we got in contact with Ilir Konomi. From the very beginning we got a very good impression of Ilir and the company. Then we visited Albania and met Ilir and Dori in Saranda. We had a very nice stay in Albania where Ilir and Dori showed us the very best of south Albania. After that we decided to buy an apartment. The buying process went smoothly and we had a close contact with Ila at the company regarding the furnishing of the apartment. We now long for the opening of the season in May and would like to give our best recommendations for Albania Property Group.Gert Zethzon - Sweden
  • 14 November 2013Thank you to the Albania Property Group team for helping to bring one of our dreams to life! In particular thanks to Ilir, but also Eno and Oltjan for their outstanding support in the purchase of our village home in Radhima! Ilir and team were really outstanding and patient with us in our property search which ultimately spanned several years from beginning to end. With their support we found the perfect property, and then over the course of several months, the APG team proceeded to facilitate a rather complex legal process with the seller and Albanian government on our behalf. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our work with Ilir and team, and heartily recommend them to anyone who might be interested in purchasing or renting property in AlbaniaAndy and Albana - Seattle, U.S.A.
  • 20 May 2013I found Albania Property Group´s service very professional and straightforward from start to finish. They were a pleasure to deal with and in my experience they are a reputable, humane and reliable company. At all times they were quick to respond emails and pragmatic in their response. Ilir Konomi was extremely helpful and easy-going. He talked me through the whole process, so I would have clear understanding of everything involved. Throughout the process I was well informed and kept up to date. Albania Property Group took care of everything from property tour to lawyer service and assisted with furnishing and property management services. They will look after you and make sure the whole process is as stress free as it possibly can be. I bought apartment from Saranda in October 2012. Now I just enjoy unique and positively different Albania. They have fascinating history, versatile nature sights from beautiful beaches to mountainsides and overwhelming people´s hospitality. And remember closeness for example of Greece and Italy. There is a big piece of Mediterranean for you to explore and Albania Property Group can make that happen. Juha Varnila - Finland

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