Luxury Villas For Sale At Cape Of Rodon

The Courtyard Villa is designed with a classic style and offers spacious and brightfull areas. Perfectly located to enjoy the panoramic view of Cape Rodon from all sides. With greenery garden and a swimming pool to feel relaxed at any moment. This villa has a lively living room with kitchen and dining area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, veranda, private swimming pool and a garden.

Luxury Villas For Sale At Cape Of Rodon

  • Total parcel size - 460 m2
    • Land size - 345 m2
      • Construction area - 152 m2
      • Indoor size - 103.2 m2
      • Swimming pool area - 21 m2
    • Common area - 115 m2
  • Two parking spaces
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Two bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Laundry room

Cape of Rodon Green Village 

The Cape of Rodon or Cape of Skanderbeg is a rocky cape on the Adriatic Sea north of Durres, Albania. On the Cape is the Rodoni Castle, built by Skanderbeg in 1463 and a Saint Anthony Church. Further south in the bay between the cape and Rrushkull Reserve there exist several beach resorts like Lura Resort, Perla Resort Etc.
Cape of Rodon Green Village is a resort that provides 48 Lacey Villas and a Lacey Hotel with indoor pools and spa. It is situated 50 km from Tirana International Airport and 45 km from the Durres Port. 

Services and Facilities

  • Garden and pool cleaning
  • Maintenance of all common areas – street, public space, lighting
  • Wastewater disposal and garbage collection
  • Administrative service and postal service
  • The external management opportunities during the unused period according to the requirements of the owners
  • Individual safe and secured parking with large spaces dedicated to villa owners and guests
  • 24 hour security service that controls the entire resort area
  • Sports facilities which include basketball and football fields as well as a tennis court

Important Note:

  • The villas in Cape of Rodon Green Village are sold without furniture.
  • Pics from sample units are used in order that the clients get a feeling of living in the villas.

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